Saturday, September 1, 2018

Chen Tai Chi Seminar (8 Weeks)

I'm leading a Chen tai chi seminar this fall at Dharma Health Institute in Playa Del Rey. For 8 weeks, we'll learn the Chen 18 form, a really amazing form I learned in China.

The Chen family-style is the oldest and parent form of the five traditional family styles of tai chi. In this 8 week seminar we will learn the Chen 18 form, created by Chen Zheng Lei. It's a perfect form to learn the essential movements of Chen tai chi. 

In addition to the choreography, emphasis will be placed on silk reeling (chán sī jì), and generating power (fa jin) through proper form and alignment. We will also cover the intention behind the postures and movements. 

The Chen 18 form is a perfect form to begin learning tai chi, but will also improve other forms of tai chi that you may know.

$145 for 8 Weeks (credit card, cash, venmo, paypal accepted)

Please email for more details

Dharma Health Institute

143 Culver Blvd,
Playa Del Rey, Ca 90293
Phone: 310-822-7755

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